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The front office team is frequently the first and last point of contact for patients on their appointment day. We all know the importance of establishing a good doctor/patient relationship, but the front office team plays a pivotal role in creating a positive dental experience as well. This can be challenging due to the many tasks that must be completed each day to maintain a good practice flow. Identifying these day to day challenges is the first step to overcoming them.

Time Management

Answering multiple phone lines in a friendly and patient manner, dealing with constant interruptions, and long to-do lists can…

Teledentistry is here to stay.

If there is anything that COVID-19 has taught the dental industry, it is that being prepared for a digitized workflow is essential to the continuum of patient care in the modern age. Dental practices across the nation are swiftly adapting their current everyday technology for better patient engagement options and incorporating virtual visits into their service offerings for even after social distancing is no longer in effect. Now that you’ve got a call or two under your belt, here are 5 checkpoints to make sure you’ve got your whole workflow covered.

  1. Setting Up Your Practice Management Software (OpenDental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix…

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 164.2 million Americans have private dental insurance coverage, and that number has increased from 57% to 77% in the last decade*. This reflects a growing dental industry with more patients seeking affordable care options than ever before. Dental practices that know how to navigate dental insurance have a great tool to market their services as well as help their patients access coverage for their care.

At Zentist, we understand that navigating dental insurances can be one of the most challenging parts of running your practice. Dental insurance rules are often obscure and…


Zentist is automated dental insurance claims processing, trusted by dentists, loved by office managers. Welcome to Blissful Billing.

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